• Silencing the Chatterbox Customer

    Silencing the Chatterbox Customer

    You may be the kind of painter who loves small talk and doesn’t mind chatting with a customer. Even if you are, your time is valuable, and there will be situations when you need to end a conversation now, but in a way that doesn’t offend your customer.

  • Respirators: A Refresher Course

    Respirators: A Refresher Course

    With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a shortage of personal protective equipment worldwide, you may have found that it’s difficult or impossible to find the types of masks or respirators you would normally use to do your job. While it’s true that medical personnel need masks to reduce the spread of the disease, it’s also true that you need a mask to protect your own health from respiratory hazards that you encounter as a painter.

  • The Marketing Potential of Trade Magazines

    The Marketing Potential of Trade Magazines

    Having images of your work available through your social media and website are excellent ways for potential customers to see just what it is that you do and the level of quality you maintain, but being featured in a magazine can produce massive results that are hard to match.

  • Tips and Tricks for Impeccable Cabinet Painting

    Most cabinet painting tips and tricks are a matter of following best painting practices to a tee, with a little dash of common sense. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and keep your eye honed to the small details to keep your clients happy with your work.

  • Avoid Long-Term Bodily Damage with These Tips

    There’s no doubt about it, painting is a physically demanding job. You’re on your feet all day, lifting, squatting, climbing, reaching, and more - no wonder you get stiff and sore or even experience injuries, whether directly or indirectly related to your job.

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