How to Kill it on YouTube!

How to Kill it on YouTube!

With over one billion unique visitors every month, YouTube is a marketing platform that no painting professional can afford to pass up. YouTube videos are the ideal venue for spreading the word about your company in an engaging and creative way. Think about it: which would your potential customers rather do, watch an entertaining and informative video or read through a written sales letter?

You don’t have to be a charismatic tv star to get fans on YouTube. Viewers are looking for unique information that only you can give them, not a polished drama production. Like other companies using this platform to build their business, all you have to do is let your work speak for itself. With all the different types of video to choose from, finding one that works for you is just a matter of creating a channel that speaks to your ideal potential customer.

Demonstrate Your Company’s Expertise

Millions of people go on YouTube every single day in search of video instructions. This gives you a golden opportunity to build a reputation of expertise in your chosen niche. Reach your target audience by creating a series of short videos offering advice and tips on common painting problems and concerns.

By creating a series of three to five-minute videos that include great hints and tips, you’ll show your expertise in your industry while creating authority for your company.

Show Your Products and Services

By using video as your primary marketing platform, you can introduce a wide audience of potential customers to your services and the products you use. Consider a series of explainer videos about painting tasks, some how-to webinars on caring for painted surfaces or a set of video presentations on how you create different finishes.

Step Behind the Curtain

Do a series of behind the scenes looks at the life of a painting crew. Show how you run your daily operations, including everyone from the office staff to your expert painters. You’ll give customers a chance to get to know the people who will be in their home, helping to build trust while showing how hard you work for your clients.

Customer Testimonial Series

When asking for online reviews from satisfied customers (you always ask for reviews, don’t you?) why not ask if they can do a quick 90-second video review in their freshly-painted room? You’ll showcase your work while giving your company strong social proof that you’re the right company new clients should call on. This positive track record of testimonials will make decision-making much easier for potential customers who are trying to decide which painter to hire.

Create Video Tutorials for Customers

Sometimes it’s more about helping out potential customers than about making your company look good. Consider creating a series of do-it-yourself painting videos for customers who want to do the simpler parts of the job for themselves. Show simple tasks like taping windows and molding, using tarps and choosing the right color for different types of moods. By letting yourself be known as the helpful painter who teaches amateurs, you’ll be more likely to be the one who customers call when they need a more complex painting job done.

Have you ever considered doing a series of YouTube videos for your painting business? What type of videos do you think would be the most effective?

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  • john lapp October 4, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    I started a you tube account but I need to post more often. I like the idea of interviewing the customer when its done. I might just start doing that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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