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Default I have an opportunity to buy a Capspray 95(used 10 times) for $600 CAD

Should i pull the trigger on this or put that money towards a better hvlp? I am planning to spray cabinets, doors, some trims on smaller jobs.
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I have a couple of capspray units, a 8500 and 9500, that I have had good luck with. Mine are at least 15-20 years old. The new hvlp units can have op to a 6 stage turbine and that is good for picking up heavier materials. Mine are 3 and 4 stage turbine and work well for what I use them for. ^00 dollars for a hardly used machine sounds pretty good. I bought my 9500 used.
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Have you searched on here for hvlp? Turbine units struggle with waterborne materials most of the time due to the warm dry air. I ignored this warning when I bought my 115.

The 95 also is not the largest or most powerful of the lot of capspray units.

What materials do you plan to shoot?

They are good with shooting thin materials like shellac based bin as the material needs no reduction and the cleanup on the cup guns is easy vs an airless.

Think hard about what you plan to do with it. $600 is not far from a good airless which if you plan on shooting acrylic trim paints will be less struggle than the hvlp will.

If you are going to be shooting solvent lacquer or solvent based alkyds then the hvlp may be fine for your needs.

Waterborne lacquers can be applied with hvlp but again the turbine units make it more difficult.

I would do a search and do some reading. Lots of questions regarding what you have just posted.

I have switched to air assisted airless and feel for cabinets and high end trim it's the way to go with acrylic architectural paints. Airless is right there too but definitely need more speed and experience when shooting complicated pieces. There's alittle more forgiveness when shooting aaa at lower pressures.

A good airless is a good place to start. It'll allow wall and ceiling painting as well as exterior jobs like fences. Plenty of guys on here shooting fine finishes with straight airless. Some products like BM advance have been reported to lay down better with airless vs aaa.

The hvlp turbine units have a few niche uses. Make sure you won't be battery off with something else.
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