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Default My first time painting....

So, currently was trying to save money by painting my own front door. HOA is up my ass claiming it was faded. Most professionals want $300 to do the job, something I can't afford - and most I asked followed the same prep steps I did! Soooo.... anyways......I took 2 weeks to research and set out to embark on a learning experience! And boy..did I learn. I learned I'm EXHAUSTED.

I purchased 1 quart Weathershield HGTV Home "Black Magic" Semi-gloss from Lowes.....I bought a Corona Excalibur brush for $40 and a paint pal. I did research...a lot of people had techniques. Some youtubers showed it as a calm therapeutic experience. Mine wasn't....the paint started to coagulate/dry/set rather soon...and my technique was starting with the panels...feathering out...then doing 1 layer over all of that for the rails/styles...welp...that didn't work...because as i tried to seemed like a 2nd coat was being added....and almost like the paint was pulling...humidity wasn't too high or low...temps were direct sunlight....

All in all it failed. I was convinced the paint was the issue..but I never "sanded" the previous I convinced myself in my head MAYBEEEE it was bad prep work? Anyways...I ended up buying FLOETROL and adding 4 OZ to the quart (Recc. dosage was 8 oz to 1 gallon i.e. 4 quarts. Mine was done as if 16 Oz to 1 gallon). I sanded the door with 80grit sand sponge, then 120 grit....and got the surface nice...and smooth but scuffed...everywhere. Damp rag to wipe it down...everything was READY. I was confident in my technique....and after getting some advice, a bunch of people told me to "roll" the flat areas and brush the panels or "cut in". I got a WHIZZ 4" roller cover ...doesnt say what nap...but attached is the picture..

I managed to paint the panels BEAUTIFULLY - no NOTICEABLE brush marks... I went in long broad strokes downward, applied light pressure to work out any slight brushmarks and thin the coat a bit....and also I cleaned drips RIGHT away with a dry rag. No fast drying AS MUCH* and I worked diligently.... from top to bottom on the panels...

When I did the rails and styles - this is where all living hell broke loose.

The roller left marks looked like fishnet weaves...and when i pressed in slightly...the marks went away but then I saw tiny stipples.....(looked like raised dots almost texture like wall...). I then pressed hard and rolled along the paint...using it like a weird squigeee.....less rolling action to be honest...(none at all). This got a glass finish but ended up with showing the marks of the edge of the roller....then when I tried to roll showed AGAIN... also anytime I'd lift the roller when rolling....I'd get paint drips/runs. At this point...I knew I was rightly screwed.

I ended up testing different "loads" of the brush...and i made sure not to load it too light OR too just wasn't having it. Either it showed made runs happen upon lifting....****ing nightmare honestly.

Now I have sanded down the styles/rails but not the recessed panels..they're the only thing that look VERY nice and no "flashing" of the gloss in weird places or blotches....And maybe I should have painted TOP DOWN instead of BOTTOM UP (bottom rails, moving to middle, then the top last)? As when the runs/drips DID happen, I was unable to roll down as the area below already had paint (ughhhh) and was already a 1st coat!

Kind of at a loss...I took almost 1 hour putting back the lock on my door, etc. Was PRETTY hard. I may just resort to tape next time! LOL.

Not sure how to I ****ed up....really wish a professional can assist.

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Well about now that $300 is sounding like a bargain. Good luck.
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