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Local paint pro 08-23-2018 10:04 PM

Production rates and estimating
I wanna learn about what you guys know about production rates. I am teaching myself how to estimate the “right way”. Local paint pro currently is myself and 1 employee, with another part timer starting next week hopefully. I am going to try PEP CLOUD in the very near future, thanks to woodco. I am pretty much timing how long certain activities take and using these figures in future estimates. Fill me in, and thanks in advance!

Woodco 08-23-2018 10:24 PM

If you're getting big jobs, pep cloud is worth it. Be sure to try to do the estimate without it first sometimes, and compare the results. When I use it, the numbers come up a lot higher than if I dont. You still need to use your brain to figure out prep times and stuff, but for square footage, , and paint prices, its pretty on. A lot of times I think its charging too much for something, but I go with it anyway, then find out later that it was right, and I was wrong. It's saved me some serious headaches. I was selling myself short before I started using it. Theres other programs out there too. I dont know which ones are better or worse.

goga 08-27-2018 11:10 PM

If you look at the project as a whole picture and can not come up with the time and materials in your mind approximate at least, hire an estimator part time.

Production rates are very variable, do you scrape, prep a lot, just in and out, how much to cover, protect, etc.. Usually it is per hour or per project, as you choose.

PS: the main thing is what ppl, estates, dwelling you are going to work in, for, poor, reach, etc.. price yourself towards the market you are in if you'd like to get the project.

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