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Default Do numbers matter?

Do numbers matter?
I'm talking marketing numbers that will affect your PROFIT numbers, the bottom line. If you had your choice of two networking meetings. One has 100 people, the other a handful, maybe just 10 or less. Which would you chose. We think bigger is better. Right? One you have a 100 chances to land a deal, the other only 10. It a slam dunk, you think?
What is your goal?
To see sales increase or to see the bottom line increase. PROFIT!! That should be our goal. Right? Being in a room with large numbers, you can lose focus real fast. You walk in, scan the room, find your target and make your way. You can get side blinded by others and end up not hitting your target at all Or if you did, it's hard to keep their undivided attention. Have you ever been in a networking meeting? As your talking to "Joe the plumber", because Joe want to target HOA's like yourself. You notice that Joe is not focused on your conversation, looking pass you, scanning what's behind you. Because Joe is there for the same reasons you are there. Well maybe, Joe maybe there looking for a sale. But what you should be looking for is a relationship with someone that has the same target as you do. By doing that you just doubled your sale force and so on. If you were there to get a sale, you will likely land that deal, maybe even two or three. Whoopee doo, A lousy 1-3% What if you created that relationship landed that deal and had that one selling for you too. Ya baby! That's what I'm talking about. But this is where smaller is better.
When smaller is better.

Now take that same Scenario in a smaller setting. Joe is talking to you, his focus is 100% on the conversation. Just like A fellow said in one of his threads, likable and trustable. It's a perfect opportunity to become likable and start building trust. A lot more faster than being in larger setting. Because there is little distractions. A smaller setting is much more personal, a much easier to make that contact and create a new relationship. Through that relationship you made a agreement to sale for one another, gathering information for each other on that HOA you both want to target.
When larger is even more better
Now! That larger setting can be much more effective, because you have Joe on your sales team as well as yourself. Just imagine if you created that with all ten of those people, that are now in that meeting of a 100. You now have 10% of the room on your sales force. 10% is creating contact with another 10% of that group. You just effected 20% of that 100. While your 10% is creating more relationships making it easier to make that relationship with the 10% in that group, creating a rapid word of mouth, the most effective and most PROFITABLE marketing.
Just a thought

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