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Default Needing Advice for Insurance Claim Jobs

New to these forums as a user goes, but have been using it for advice for years. Hoping to get an answer for something I haven't found yet.

I'm no stranger to changing my bidding price to accommodate the quality of job needed. Jumping to the question....

Insurance companies around here have been using a single price per sq ft to judge any wall and ceiling. They tell me what they will pay to get something fixed. Sometimes its worth the money in order to stay busy. Others, its not.

For example, currently got a few thousand sq ft (wall surface) on a house with 25+ ft vaulted ceilings, vegas, stairs, open lofts... The list goes on. The thickest sprayed on knockdown texture to top it all off to make for buying more paint. If I'm lucky, I look to make about 20% off what it cost me to produce this job. That's me painting the entire house by myself. Factoring in all the planning and labor, I'm looking at being responsible for the entire job for around $10 an hour if I'm lucky.

They also only call for a single coat, which goes against my preferred paint's warranty. Not looking for a "which paint is best" argument, but I prefer using SW. Most likely Cashmere in this situation.

Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who is thinking its worthy to push the insurance company to get more money? Its going to make the home owners mad most likely. I'm not running a charity though.

I can give the prices for everything if need be. I just don't see a lot talk about that on here often. Figured there was reason to stick with it.
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Kev D.
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Ummm. What's the question? Lol. And what's this a claim for? Most restoration companies as far as I know are charging an arm and a leg for insurance claims..

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Put together an estimate and submit it. If it’s not accepted move on. It’s not worth working for peanuts, unless you’re desperate for work.

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RH (04-30-2019)
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PNW nailed it ^^^.

Just because the insurance company wants to get it done as cheaply as possible doesn’t mean you should be the one to have to bite the bullet.
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I find that doing jobs for a lot less than I should causes me a lot more stress than it is worth. I will do small jobs for someone one that is obviously on a budget every once in awhile. But, insurance companies can pay. I would be way too angry and stressed to work for $10 an hour which in MA is below minimum wage. I would rather pass and get some work done around my house. I underbid a job (by mistake) last year and toward the end I found it hard to come home without be stressed and angry at myself. I started calling it a "learning experience" to make myself feel better.

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Wow. Couldn't do $10/hr again. That's what I made 15yrs ago when I first started out and hadn't ever painted anything in my life. The guy who I worked for said "Everyone's worth $10/hr below the neck. I'm not paying you to think." I've got a lot more going on now above the neck and I'm sure you do too.

Like others said, if they don't like your price just move on and let them find someone else.

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Basically, you need to either figure out how to profit from economy jobs, or dont bid them. It can be done. I have a knack for it actually. Its a different process from a real paint job. You need to get an exact color match, and only paint what you need to. If you play your cards right, its just a touch up. Of course, I dont know what the details of your job at hand is.
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Insurance companies and management companies are always about the bottom line.

They want a sq foot price so they can manage it by the numbers. The problem is many of us painters go by the wall sq footage per hour.

I still don't have a floor sq foot rate because there are so many variables involved. I get calls all the time for a sq ft price but don't give them an answer. I want to measure rooms out myself and check the wall/ceiling damage.

Empty spaces are cheaper to paint than occupied spaces, so how can you go by the floor sq footage?

How can you compare apples to apples when one painter is using Promar 400 and the other is using Regal Select? Or one painter is only spot priming and doing one coat and the other is doing 2 coats?

They want a splash job price and I don't trust them enough NOT to be picky about the prep work. Sure I can do a 1/2 azz job like they claim to want, but I'd always be worried about the job inspection at the end.

Another thing. Do you trust management companies to give out the accurate square footage of a condo or apartment? I sure as hell don't.

I get calls all the time to paint a single room or two that has a bunch of drywall damage requiring a lot of dry time. This might mean multiple trips. So a typical room could cost 40% more if you have to make multiple trips to prep it first.

I just did a quote last week for a single office building hallway wall about 30' long that required removing and installing tape into a corner. That is at least three trips. I don't expect to get the job because the price might seem ridiculous for a single wall.

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