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Default bubbles anyone

Just started a small business with my son building new & repairing existing patio decks.He has the experiance framing new homes and has contacts necessary if situations arise that need to answered.........
except this one!!!!
We were asked to replace some support posts...no problem, also to resurface the existing deck( in our estamate not needed) with Dex-Coat with sand from Vista and followed all pre paint instrutions recomended by Vista. And after power washing, some sanding and about 5 min. of light scaping and spot prime all surfaces as needed we applied the paint the following day about 9:30 - clear about 70 deg.
Well three days later bubbles, but only on four pcs. of the wood flooring....not one bubble on any other pc. of wood.??????????? We tried to gather info. for the cause -- moisture, bad paint,bad prep nothing.
We finally received info. from three other contractors and hours of on line
searching that the main caused is probably due to the old original(22 yrs.) stain (which is there once a bubble is scraped down to the bare wood) and that would react chemically - gas or heat to the new paint applied.
We finally deturmind that the only fix would be to scrap and sand down to the bare wood. When we approched the owner with a estamite (below our normal hrly. rate) for the additional work to correct the problem they rejected the estamite and threatoned to take legal action.

What to do..................????????

Please rerspond if this sounds familliar.
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Ya gota fix it man, I had to strip Two decks on a trailer because through a series of idiotic events , I put solid siding stain on instead of deck stain and it scratched when cleaned.
It hurts to go out of pocket, but it hurts more to have that kinda damage to your reputation. If its just a few boards, shouldn't be too bad. Take it down all the way so no chance of another failure.
It sounds like you are thinking this problem is not your flat and maybe it's not, but the customer is obviously not buying that. And it doesn't really matter anyway
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I would try scraping and sanding bubbles only,then spot prime,n paint touch up.

Paint is bubbling because something trying to escape,prolly moisture,sounds like you pressure washed then came back and painted the next day?

If it's only getting in the 70s where you are,I would wait at least 4 days after PW for paint

Moisture is the cause for about 85% of paint problems
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Moisture yes , fix fast and commutate to them if you need a few nice days of dry weather . Lack of communication is the killer .
Scraping off bubbles is a fine fix but you need some hot sunny days

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It sounds like you painted the day after you power washed the deck. This is not enough timie for the wood to properly dry out before applying the top coat. Unfortunately you are responsible for it and you should fix it for free, scrape and sand the bubbling spots, reprime and repain the whole board not just spot paint. You might be better off scraping/sanding the bubbles and give it a few days to dry out, then spot prime and paint.
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