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    Hello All, I am wondering if others are having issues with the durability of brushes and shape loss? Especially after using products like Advance? I grew up using Purdy Nylox, and have tried most Purdy lines as well as a couple of offerings from Wooster and Corona. I know quality and...
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    The Ultimate House Wash, LLC.
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    I have a painting crew of 5 people. In the beginning people brought their own tools but I see that they are not good quality - dull scrapers, old brushes, etc. Does anyone have a good advice on providing my workers with tools? I don't mind buying each worker a set of scrapers and brushes but how...
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    In most cases, poor paint adhesion is the result of dirt/soils left on the part during the painting process. Most of these soils are undetectable to the naked eye and can easily be missed until it's too late. Sandblasting and/or cleaners are good methods of cleaning but aren't always perfect...