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  1. I Need your help for Airless equipment

    Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Hi everyone, I plan to make my own business here in France. Tired of the traditional way of painting, I would really like to use the airless technology. After a few days of research, I understand I have to be very careful on my choices, each equipment have it's goal. So for my business I would...
  2. Low Temp Stack Coating

    Surface Preparation and Application
    Is anyone aware of an interior stack paint that can be applied in temps below 50 degrees fahrenheit?
  3. Concrete Cancer

    General Painting Discussion
    Here is a little article I knocked up for fun. Tell me what you think of it, should I give up being a writer or not?
  4. Need Any And All Replies Asap!

    Commercial and Industrial Painting
    Hello all in Cyber Space :thumbup: I need help, I'm located in Florida and I'm slowly trying to dabble in bigger commercial projects. I've been in the residential market for a decade and a half and every blue moon I might come across a commercial office or store. Well I'm sorry to say but the...