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  1. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hey Guys, Just ran a report that I thought you guys would find real helpful. We took demographic data for all the leads we got in 2011 and put together this cool graphic that gives you an idea for the type of people looking for a house painter in 2011: More details on these numbers here...
  2. General Painting Discussion
    I have had a service magic account for over a year, applied last year when things were slow after the Holidays. I have been busy lately so I was turning the leads off, playing games with them because sometimes they don't notify you that your leads were being activated again and I would get a...
  3. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I wanted to get an idea of how many of you have or still use services like Local Painter Quotes or servicemagic, and have done well with them. Any help appreciated, this is something im considering. Thanks, Mike
  4. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Anyone still with LPQ? I just switched over to their new system.
1-4 of 4 Results