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  1. Specialty Coatings
    I'm just wondering if it's better to use a bonding primer then latex paint on unpainted cement ceilings, or use a specialized product like Loxon or some epoxy. I'm also wondering if cleaning is necessary.
  2. Surface Preparation and Application
    My question is I am bidding a 95 unit apartment comlex. They are two story, four unit buildings, I will be spraying elastomeric at a mil thickness of 15-20 mil. It will be of of latters, one person spraying and one backrolling. Does any one have passed experience with this production rate. I am...
  3. Specialty Coatings
    Hey everyone, I have a little problem with a project i did a few months ago and could use some possible solutions.The project was specked out for a split coat 1)elastomeric coat and the 2nd) an high grade acrylic satin top coat. The problem is that every time it rains the paint bubbles...
  4. General Painting Discussion
    Was driving my boy back from a doctors visit. As we were discussing what the doctor had told us, I saw this :eek: and I was like OMG, I slammed on my brakes (not really) flipped around to get up closer. This my friends was a opportunity i could not pass up. So i started snapping pics, popping...
1-4 of 4 Results