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  1. Interior Wood Finishing
    Hello all, just wanted to know what everyone uses for cabinets. Why do you prefer the one or the other? Pros and cons of enamel vs lacquer for cabinets. Durability and protection are mainly at what I’m curious about.
  2. Interior Wood Finishing
    I'm having lost of issues using Behr oil based Enamal. I applied the paint on some closet doors and didn't realize that the paint hadn't fully cured before moving them. After moving the doors i discorded my fingerprints all over. I sanded down the doors with 100 Grit followed by 180 grit. I...
  3. Surface Preparation and Application
    So, I am spraying a small table, and four small chairs for a client. I'll charge a day's labor, I think, and have found a way to sell the rest of the Holland-Lac oil gloss enamel left over from my own pet project. And, I'm finally going to justify buying the 5-6 stage turbine driven titan...
1-3 of 3 Results