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  1. General Painting Discussion
    Another Question... Saw this floor today (photo is just one section), the space was formerly used to retrofit Apache helicopters with new gear boxes for Boeing. Approx 35,000 sq.ft. There was heavy traffic: forklifts, helicopters, etc... Old tenant is out and owner wants the floor to be given a...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I just registered and want to introduce myself and my company, High Performance Systems. We do commercial epoxy flooring and other resinous concrete coating. If you need any advice in these fields, let me know.
  3. Surface Preparation and Application
    We Have seen Industry trend moving from concrete/ tile / marble floor to epoxy floor's. You know why, simple due to many Properties Epoxy Flooring. But we never assume how to make the right selection for epoxy flooring. Since some of your people are in this business ... would like to share...
  4. Surface Preparation and Application
    I want to use TileClad 2 part hot solvent epoxy on a 2-car garage floor. The floor was painted about 20 years ago, I don't know the product. How important is it to completely remove the old paint before applying TileClad? The old paint is about 50% worn off. I am having lots of trouble with the...
  5. Specialty Coatings
    I've had a call from an acquaintance who wants me to Paint the floor in a chemical(moderately corrosive chemicals) mixing room in his warehouse. Approx 2,500sqft, has been previously coated with a Rustoleum Epoxy and topcoated with non-slip aggregate and polyurethane (I assume also a Rustoleum...
1-5 of 5 Results