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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I'm Mark from Mighty Boards. I have been in the paint industry for over 20 years and founded my original company called Faux Like a Pro back in 1999. I now run both Faux Like a Pro and Mighty Boards. I do business with hundreds of contractors and paint stores around the country...
  2. Photos of Project and Equipment
    A faux painted (whitewash) fireplace project completed recently. Five colors. 4 greys and a beige.
  3. General Painting Discussion
    Hi there, I have a client who wants to make Hardie Board look like real wood. I was thinking of priming, then a base coat, brushing a stain or glaze and then a clear over that. Does anyone have any suggestions, advice, or experience doing this? Thanks for your help
  4. Decorative Finishes
    Texstone's Terra venetian plaster applied to the back splash area, with aged brick reveals. Kitchen/nook walls have a faux finish applied to enhance the Tuscan look. Home owner still has some items to display on the counters. Video -
  5. Green Painting Practices
    Hi, new here. Tried posting this on Contractor Talk and haven't gotten any feedback, so thought that might have been not the optimum place. A small manufactrer with a "clay-based, all natural" finish wants me to rep and apply this in my area. I've experimented, and it's easy to trowel on...
  6. General Painting Discussion
    So I had to redo some caulking after the newly remodeled house settled/shrunk. So this was where the beams and crown meet the ceiling/wall.I went with clear because the walls had a glaze coat and the beams were stained dark and clear coated. The reason I went this route was that both the glazed...
  7. Photos of Project and Equipment
    I writing a HOW TO article in my blog on this technique. I sould this technique for $12.00 per sq. ft. and it only cost me about 80 cents per sq ft to do. For faux finishes that's presst good. The step by step instructions are on my blog at I hope you enjoy...
  8. General Painting Discussion
    I got into the business of faux painting several years ago when a friend asked me to help do some "glazing". What in the world was that I thought to myself. Well I found out quickly and it was actually kind of fun an not too hard to master. What I found out that really spurred my interest in...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Im Arthur of Art-Faux Designs Inc. in Naples Fl Thought I would introduce myself, I have been in the painting business for over 30 years and have seen alot of change and I guess I would be considered "old school" lol but now I do what I have always wanted to and thats docrative art. No Im not a...
  10. Surface Preparation and Application
    I've applied faux finish in the past and that was fine... the situation has been reversed now though! I have a complete living room / dining room that has faux finish on it. I guess the prior home owners son was autistic and went nuts with this stuff. I can honestly say hey did a pretty damn...
1-11 of 11 Results