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  1. General Painting Discussion
    Hello everyone, This might be a long shot but I hope the amazing pool of experts gathered here might be able to help us! I work at a lab where we have put together a setup to coat large copper-clad FR4 panels with carbon-loaded epoxy. Here's the basics of the materials we are trying to put...
  2. Specialty Coatings
    How do I get Permacast Fiberglass columns - Roughsawn - to look like stained cedar? Instructions say to use a solid stain or a paint, but the pictures on their website show a real looking cedar finish. How do I accomplish...
  3. General Painting Discussion
    I have been contracted to paint a wind turbine tail that will be installed 700 feet in the air. It needs to be totally bulletproof and withstand the elements for... ever, really. This is what the client wants. It is made of fiberglass and I'm looking for a paint that will hold up under the sun's...
1-3 of 3 Results