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  1. New Member Introductions
    Greetings for the UK, my name is Pete from the YouTube channel PaintHQ.. hopefully I’m welcome here as a professional painter in the UK that’s embraced spraying (Airless, HVLP and AAA).. I’ve been influenced by the US leading the way in spraying and refinishing, and it’s pleasing to see paint...
  2. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I am a woodworker/finish carpenter and my painter is so backed up (very happy for him!) that I am starting to do my own finishing. I have always done my own clears/stains and painted my more "utility grade" projects but never painted my own cabinets/built-ins. My painter can get a much better...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm privileged to be part of your group. I offer over 30 years of experience in designing and building HVLP turbo spray systems. As the President of Apollo Sprayers I'm committed to helping our customers by providing the best quality HVLP spray systems in the world. Our...
  4. General Painting Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I have a lot of experience with interior and exterior painting, but have always avoided cabinets. I am now moving into a new construction home but I was too late to choose my cabinet color (they gave me dark brown). The cabinets are beech and stained in a dark brown. The wife...
  5. General Painting Discussion
    I have a bleeder hvlp siphon feed, it continues to spray paint even when trigger is not pulled. Any common reasons??
  6. General Painting Discussion
    Has anybody worked with this in a brush and roll environment? Is it too thick for a 490 to shoot it with very little reduction or extender? What would you thin it to on a HVLP pressure pot rig? Has anybody used it on a non-hot tire concrete surface? I really need to demo it
  7. Surface Preparation and Application
    I recently accepted a job to repaint some very old and twice painted metal cabinets in a fine home. I took a drawer to the nearest SW and they matched the powder blue very well. Without testing we all assumed that they had a very slick coat of oil based paint on them. There was a lot of yellow...
  8. Surface Preparation and Application
    Just got my first HVLP - Graco 9.0 4-stage turbine. Totally used to airless & not having to thin my product. For those of you that spray with an HVLP, what needle size do you typically use for oil enamels and how much do you thin them? Do you use straight thinner, or Penetrol as well? Thanks...
1-8 of 8 Results