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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm in the final stages of getting myself ready to start working. I just bought a 2008 ranger with a locking walk-in cap yesterday. I plan on using the truck for work 95% of the time, and maybe occasionally for personal use to go camping etc. From what I've read, I'm better off using the actual...
  2. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hey all, I've been in the painting business since I was a kid. My owns a paint store in New Jersey. I worked for him up until I moved to Florida, and also did a whole bunch of side jobs. I have a lot of painting experience for my age. That being said I have decided to start my own business. I am...
  3. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hi Everyone, This is my first question here, and I couldn't find another mention of this elsewhere in the forum. When I first started painting way back when I used to work for a company that subcontracted jobs from an insurance company called Canstar. I think they were bought out by Belfor...
1-3 of 3 Results