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  1. General Painting Discussion
    Hello Everyone - I'm hoping someone can help. I'm looking for a durable exterior concrete coating. I have a concrete slab around my pool that is structurally sound, but very old and ugly. Before I go the route of putting pavers over it, I would like to see if I can renovate it and match the...
  2. Commercial and Industrial Painting
    Hello. I am hoping to launch a beautification project in our city. One goal is to paint the concrete planters. BUT members of the community have concerns about what paint to use and how long the paint will last, especially given our proximity to the ocean. The planters are large and are...
  3. General Painting Discussion
    Hello everyone, Just got a call today from a potential client asking about painting their basement with some water sealant. After doing some checking UGL Drylock and Behr Basement and Masonry seem to be the top runners. The client is experiencing water in the basement even after a light...
1-3 of 4 Results