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  1. Interior Wood Finishing
    anyone every used KEM AQUA® BPENAMEL? I have a large millwork respray todo. I wanted to use Sherwin Wilma's easy sand oil primer followed by KEM AQUA® BPENAMEL. I want to hear you thoughts on the combination or any reviews with KEM AQUA® BPENAMEL.
  2. Surface Preparation and Application
    Hello, Figured I'd come to ask the experts about the best paint to use on fresh (humidity 8%) rough cut pine Board and Batton siding for a barn. I've used Zinsser Oil Based primer to seal in the wood. (Should I shellac prime the knots in addition?) Was thinking of a Flat or Satin Finish...
  3. General Painting Discussion
    Hi all - I’m a long time reader of paint talk but this is my first post. I’ve been painting for many years but do not know the best product/procedure for this situation: A lady painted over factory finished cabinets with straight latex. The paint could peel off like wallpaper. It wasn’t too...
  4. Surface Preparation and Application
    I am spraying oil primer over a latex spot prime. The reason; as explained to me, is that the epoxy can only be primed with latex. This is causing problems with the oil primer drying, especially given the cold weather. My question is whether there's a better way? I am spraying windows that we...
1-4 of 5 Results