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  1. Fortangle Home Service

    Fortangle Home Service is a professional House painting service provider, has been established with the sole motto of providing the best Professional house painters and painting services to the customers across the country, and satisfy our customers in best possible way. We are having skilled...
  2. Photos of Project and Equipment
    My guys just finished this interior painting project in Clearwater Florida Today.We had 4 guys here for 2 weeks. A ton of prep work! I don't think a single nail was set or anything caulked in the whole house. Home owners love it.They found us on Angie's list and are going to add to our list of...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Finally! A place to talk shop online:thumbsup: My name is DEE. I started ColourWorks Painting in Toronto 8 years ago but have been in the business over 20 (no one starts from the beginning as the boss;)). In addition to selling, consulting, designing and running painting and renovation...
  4. General Painting Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I am here to share my knowledge and also learn something from PaintTalk community. So I am ready to Share the most UpBeat Painting Ideas and also know what according to you is the "In Thing". Get Ready to see Lot of PurePainters at painttalk
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi, CertaPro Raleigh checking in!! We have just started reaching out to the painting community through facebook and our blog... We have read many articles here, and now that were are spending more time online we want to contribute in all ways possible. We have award winning customer support...
  6. Photos of Project and Equipment
    Started this one this morning. I can't believe how frickin COLD it is here:no: My guys were cryin the blues:censored: so I had to tell them the "back in my day" story of chippin ice off walls to paint & sitting your cut bucket on a turbo heater long enough to paint 1 door frame with...
  7. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Who Belongs To It? PROS: CONS: Overall satisfaction:
1-8 of 9 Results