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  1. Commercial and Industrial Painting
    How much would you guys charge to paint 1600 ft of handrails and gutters and 77 doors with casings for a motel? I’m lost on how to go about this
  2. Commercial and Industrial Painting
    Good evening , My name is Rico Stokes and I am located in Sarasota, FL. I have been painting single family homes for the past 4 years and have recently been presented the opportunity to bid on multifamily new construction paint. I am looking for a mentor and someone who can guide me in the...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello I am with A+ Bros Painting and more based out of Springfield, MO. We do interior and exterior residential and commercial painting. We also do staining and powerwashing. We are licensed and insured.
  4. Surface Preparation and Application
    Hello, I recently got a job to abrasive blast a shipping container and then apply a dtm paint afterwards. I’ve become fairly comfortable with blasting, but painting on the other hand I have limited knowledge. My plan as of now is to blast the container with either 40/70 or 100 crushed glass and...
  5. General Painting Discussion
    Can someone tell me if the remaining grey material on the walls is leftover glue from when I tore the wallpaper off? Best way/practices to remove the glue if so? Repainting the walls after. Thanks Will pics attached
  6. General Painting Discussion
    So I’ve been a painter for about 3 years, residential and I’ve done a lot of puttying base and trim and caulking .. i was taught to putty by balling up the putty in one hand filling holes with the other wiping excess with a rag and taught to caulk with the gun my finger and rag...
  7. Exterior-Painting-Irvington-NY.jpg exterior house painting job in Irvington New York
  8. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Hey everyone... Like some feedback on this project I'm pricing. They occupant wants their floor painted giving the floor a glossy shinny look. They're fashion designers. The room is approximately 11" x 18". And I would say high traffic. Anyway, I was thinking of tackling this the way I would...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself to everyone. I run a painting and pressure cleaning business in Miami, Florida. My father created this business over 25 years ago, and I've recently taken over from a marketing standpoint and have successfully doubled his...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hi to all I am Mazhar From Dubai and I am Working fro Dubai Fixit I am Supervisor in Company This Form help me to solve some problem I was just reading but now I decided to participate properly this is very nice place to solve and share their knowledge for painting thanks once Again I am looking...
  11. General Painting Discussion
    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Today I primed an entire house, walls and ceilings with two coats, primarily because the first coat was sprayed with little pressure and there was overlap marks showing. Turned up the pressure and did a second run to fix the problem. Took a lunch break while the...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the site. We recently began enhancing our digital presence. Please let us know what you think about our new website!
  13. Member Blogs
    Firstly i dont know anyone on here but I would like to make new friends to message me always down for a socialise. Reading through this forum, theres some real pros here. Just wondering if anyone uploads to youtube any of there projects. I've been doing it for about a year and a half now and...
  14. New Member Introductions
    A Big hello :vs_cool: from AKA Painting Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook also: AKA Painting We have been painting in Florida for a little over two years and have our background from working in PA (good ol Pittsburgh) working for a local construction/painting company. Loving Florida...
  15. General Painting Discussion
    I have a couple aluminum boats coming up that I will be sand blasting to etch, before painting. I'm wondering what you guys would recommend for a paint/primer combination? I'm thinking I want to stay away from the epoxies due to their brittleness and the amount of flex an aluminum boat hull...
1-15 of 76 Results