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  1. New Member Introductions
    We just signed up to paint talk but have read numerous posts over the years. We have two businesses in the Charlotte, NC area. Our specialties are painting, drywall, popcorn ceiling removal, epoxy floors and stained concrete.
  2. General Painting Discussion
    I just received an email from one of my old customers asking me if i remove popcorn ceiling texture. I have never removed this before but have looked up the procedure up and it is very messy, labor intensive and time consuming. A friend (contractor) told me to just install 3/8in drywall over the...
  3. Photos of Project and Equipment
    We are moving along on a very nice project we started about a week and half ago.We first went in and covered all the flooring with rosin paper and plastic.Then removed the popcorn from the ceilings.This customer wanted a smooth finish instead of the knock down. We also just finished all the trin...
1-3 of 4 Results