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  1. Wallcoverings
    First off let me start by saying that in no way am I a professional or even semi professional painter. I’ve painted some things before but more for fun. Moved into a new (not so new in age) Home. Hired some pros to paint the walls ceilings trim etc. Was away for work, just got back and they are...
  2. Surface Preparation and Application
    I am spraying oil primer over a latex spot prime. The reason; as explained to me, is that the epoxy can only be primed with latex. This is causing problems with the oil primer drying, especially given the cold weather. My question is whether there's a better way? I am spraying windows that we...
  3. Surface Preparation and Application
    I'm repainting the painted wood pickets surrounding a house front porch. Many pickets will need to be smoothed out with a grinder, due to dog chewing. However, there are also many places on the bottom board between the pickets with peeling paint due to weathering, etc. I generally use a 4.5"...
  4. Surface Preparation and Application
    pulling my hair(if i had any) out on this one.repainted cedar shake house 4yrs ago at yr 3 the original primer that has held on for 30 yrs is what is separating from the shakes. i have just started prepping house for repaint but need to ease my mind on how this phenomenon happened. and the worse...
  5. General Painting Discussion
    Has anybody been using the stuff that is said to drop dust straight to the floor. If yes, is it as advertised and is the product otherwise up to scratch?
  6. Surface Preparation and Application
    I've applied faux finish in the past and that was fine... the situation has been reversed now though! I have a complete living room / dining room that has faux finish on it. I guess the prior home owners son was autistic and went nuts with this stuff. I can honestly say hey did a pretty damn...
1-6 of 6 Results