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  1. General Painting Discussion
    Are you a painter thinking about migrating to Australia? With one of the world's strongest economies, high pay rates and a booming construction industry, Australia is a great place to be a painter! To work on many job-sites, be a supervisor, or start a business, you must have the Australian...
  2. General Painting Discussion
    I am working on a smart phone or tablet app that a tradesperson can use to collect evidence to present to a training organisation in order to receive a skills assessment for the Certificate III qualification. In other words, where a painter has not done any formal training but has worked in the...
  3. General Painting Discussion
    As you probably are aware there is some debate as to whether we are Painters or Painters & Decorators. The qualification I teach is a Certificate III in Painting and Decorating. Should we protect the term Decorators? should we embrace all that it means? The debate started on another thread...
1-3 of 3 Results