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  1. Surface Preparation and Application
    Had a two day window with good weather in which to clean and stain an old teak bench that was in otherwise good shape. Scrubbed twice to make sure I got all the tight spots, If I were doing this again I would have used a garden pump sprayer to help flood liquid on faster and evenly. I wanted...
  2. Specialty Coatings
    (Rustoleum Deck Restore acrylic latex) I have read nightmares on this product , however my client wants to use it. I am already preparing to tell them I will not use this product based on reviews alone. Have any contractors here used this product ? Results ? Reviews ? She currently has a...
  3. Specialty Coatings
    I have a client that is interested in finishing a new PT deck with a "Rust-Oleum restore" type product. Looking for a maintenance free, slip resistance alternative to staining. I've read horrible reviews on Rust-Oleums product. Superdeck makes their deck and dock coating, and Armorpoxy makes a...
1-3 of 3 Results