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  1. Photos of Project and Equipment is a website dedicated to professional painting contractors. We discuss all things trade-related, ask questions, give advice and talk about our concerns and experiences. is not a website designed to help you promote your business or gain free advertising. You are...
  2. Photos of Project and Equipment
    The Ultimate House Wash, LLC.
  3. General Painting Discussion
    I'm starting a painting business down here in Savannah, GA painting tin roofs. Has anyone done any research on the best product to use that saves a homeowner money on there AC & electric bill and last the longest.
  4. General Painting Discussion
    Where I live there are not too many tile roofs, but I'm sure I will encounter a few. What is the best way to go about working on a tile roof? I am concerned about breaking tiles, and having to pay for costly repairs. I am mostly concerned about the curved tile, it looks like it would break...
  5. Commercial and Industrial Painting
    Hi, This is my first post. Hopefully someone has experience with this one and can help me out. We have a contract to paint a large metal standing seam roof. We are using an elastomeric system. We have plenty of experience with this, and the job itself is no problem. However, our customer...
  6. Commercial and Industrial Painting
    Hello all in Cyber Space :thumbup: I need help, I'm located in Florida and I'm slowly trying to dabble in bigger commercial projects. I've been in the residential market for a decade and a half and every blue moon I might come across a commercial office or store. Well I'm sorry to say but the...
1-6 of 6 Results