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  1. General Painting Discussion
    I like to take a good hard look at my business every winter and was studying the lead based paint regulations and safety protocols like I do every year. Even though I don't take on many exteriors I've decided to not even bid on them if they were built before 1978 from now on. I'm heavily...
  2. Lead Paint Discussion
    I just took the RRP course and was told that sometimes it's best to presume vs. test. 1932 2 story victorian style house, exterior, peeling everywhere. Presumed lead. Trying to be in compliance but how the heck am I supposed to work on this?!? I need a lift to get up and over some of the...
  3. Lead Paint Discussion
    My remaining kits expired 3/30/2012. So, Until I do a bulk order, I went to my local HD to pick up a few kits of D-lead test kits. Luckily, i checked the expiration dates. They expired 3/18/2012. I had the lady call another HD and they had one current kit. I will have to hunt out more kits, but...
  4. Lead Paint Discussion
    Hopefully this will gain traction. But, would the POTUS sign off.
  5. Lead Paint Discussion
    I watch this "Reality" show about a landlord in Omaha, Nebraska. Of course it deals with all the crazy tenants. It airs on HD Net. This week there was a 17 year old pregnant girl and a plaster wall fell on her friends head. Over came a maintanance man. The girls began pulling down the plaster...
  6. Lead Paint Discussion
    We are accredited to offer the EPA RRP Lead Safe Training course. We service the Philadelphia, PA area, in case any painters on the forum from that area have not received their certification.
  7. Lead Paint Discussion
    Oh look, another webinar! And it's free! Wednesday, October 6, 2010; 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Cost: FREE The webinar will discuss compliance with EPA's RRP Rule and its possible extensions; good technical practice in removing lead; and compliance with OSHA regulations on worker safety. Click...
  8. Lead Paint Discussion
    At a recent safety workshop held in Waltham, Mass on 9/17/2010 it was learned that the EPA, DOS and OSHA are going to work together to insure companies comply with regulations of both RRP and OSHA. It was reported that if an EPA or DOS RRP inspector discovers OSHA violations that they would...
  9. Lead Paint Discussion
    but not how they will be reinforced!
  10. Lead Paint Discussion
    Sean wrote a good blog, at the end he also has links to the public comment section for the new changes. "As we mentioned in the EPA RRP & HomeStar Updates article back on May 6th, there is a new record keeping regulation that goes into effect on July 6th. Per the EPA in Docket RIN 2070–AJ55 aka...
  11. Lead Paint Discussion
    Here is a copy of the RRP Manual used in the training course.
  12. Lead Paint Discussion
    Might be a good idea to review the wording of your contracts to include RRP. Provide homeowners with a checklist that verifies that they have received the Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers and Schools pamphlet, they have seen the contractor’s...
1-12 of 12 Results