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  1. Ladder safety (fall) story

    General Painting Discussion
    I posted this before, but I feel the need to share with my cyber buddies: stay safe! This was in 2017. 15 feet in stairway: marble floor. Please read what's next: all the years (almost 40) I trained for this fall: I would get to the top, ask myself, "Self, " if the ladder goes like this, where...
  2. How close do you get to electrical service lines?

    General Painting Discussion
    How close do you get your tools, ladders, hands, etc to above ground commercial electrical lines? Do you usually have the power company come and put an insulation guard on them? Wear lineman gloves or anything else?
  3. Advice on future plans-It's a female thing

    Workplace Safety
    First off, I just want to say that I have been gleaning information from you all for years now, but have never become a member. Love this forum. There is so much information here, it has helped me immensely. Thank you all so much. I have a great business because of you! That being said, I have...
  4. Videos for our industry

    General Painting Discussion
    I recently received an opportunity to produce some short videos on OHS for our industry. If you could take a few minutes to view them it would be great. (need the hits)
  5. OHSA Compliance

    Workplace Safety
    Just a reminder guys to be safe out there. Make sure you know what the requirements for you and your employees are, keep the job site safe and clean. Reportedly, OHSA is going to be on residential jobsites more this year. Fall Restraint and Scaffold Safety are at the top of the list, as they...