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  1. interior-painting-greenwich-ct2.jpg interior painting job in Greenwich Connecticut
  2. General Painting Discussion
    Hello all, I just sprayed two coats of sherwin Williams shellac primer on my interior T&G ceiling. It hasn't even been 2 hours and it is failing.... I have several spots where I am getting cracks and breakthrough. I prepped the surfaces by sanding the entire ceiling, wiped it down with a little...
  3. General Painting Discussion
    Started a fire resto about 2 weeks ago and this is 1 of 3 spray stations set up in targeted areas, and the previous buckets were dried, stacked & tossed 3 days ago. Approx 60-80 gals/day on average. That might not sound like much until you consider the bulk of what's being sprayed are studs...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Opinions? Appreciated in advance. This is an oddball. I installed new cedar siding for a homeowner, and he asked to make it look natural. I gave him a few examples, and he fell in love with cedar that was simply coated with shellac - we are talking premixed shellac in denaturated alcohol sold at...
  5. Specialty Coatings
    Hi everyone. Let me start off by saying that this is my first paint talk post. Next week I'm going to be doing a kitchen face lift, painting some lacquered cabinets, and re-tiling in an occupied home. I live in California, so oils and lacquered paints are sadly out. I will be tenting off the...
1-5 of 5 Results