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  1. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Hey y’all. I’m just getting into the spray game and purchased a Titan 440 impact. Just cleaned out the liquid that came with the sprayer, and didn’t realize you’re supposed to put a storage liquid in. Ill be using it first thing tomorrow. Will there be any long term damage due to not having a...
  2. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I am new to spraying, and I am overwhelmed with my options for choosing a painting setup and could use some help. Right now, I am most concerned with spraying a Pigmented Renner 2k (1321) on some new cabinets that I built. Later on, I will also be spraying various other coatings on trim, doors...
  3. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Good Evening I am new to the paint spraying world definitely interested in painting section of construction. Currently own a graco x5 and a flexio 3000 realized a little to late that I would need to step since I’m planning on growing in this sector. I was wondering between the two model that are...
1-3 of 3 Results