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  1. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Hello, I purchased a Graco Magnum Pro X17 a few months ago. Used it to paint a large exterior with no problems, used a 515. then used it on an interior, again with a 515, though a new one, had no issues for 90% of the interior, then it started to finger regardless of the pressure the sprayer was...
  2. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a Graco Ultra cordless sprayer. It’s worked great and have run maybe 25 gallons of paint through it it. I’m having an issue with it now not pulling paint or water. I try to prime it and it just makes a ton of noise. If I take the cup off and put my...
  3. General Painting Discussion
    So I’ve decided to upgrade my airless sprayer to an AAA. I don’t do a ton of fine finish work... yet. but it’s something I’d like to get more in to as time goes on. Does anyone have any insight on the kremlin 10c18? I’m spraying renner 851 2k at the moment. Will this unit push that out without...
  4. General Painting Discussion
    I'm doing an interior house that includes trims, doors, and windows. I would like to know if I can spray Cover Stain Zinsser through my airless sprayer. Also, I want to make sure if I can thin it with thinner. I know the product says do not thin. But I know is most commonly Airless: X7 Graco...
  5. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I have a couple commercial sprayers that I will never use (no longer in commercial painting) and I was hoping to get some feedback on what I should anticipate getting when I sell them. I don't know much about them, just the absolute basics, they weren't mine. 1. Graco Ultra 395 used less than...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I work for a company that makes all of the wood products for some fortune 500 companies out of recycled and FSC certified wood material. I do some automation programming, some systems and process engineering, some wrench turning, and some electrical work along with the maintenance and repairs...
  7. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    hi everybody SOMEONE has or had a airlessco 3200(MODEL)? REVIEWS, PROS AND CONS? thanks
  8. General Painting Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to the painting scene and I have a budget of $1200. Could y'all suggest me a good paint sprayer for contract jobs that has worked good for you and costs around $500. Thanks.
  9. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    Hello, i´am opening a new paint company, i have 7 years of selling paints experience, and now i am offering paint service for small, medium and large projects. I want to import 2 eletric sprayers to start. Want some informations about this. The 490 or 495 are much better than 395? How about...
  10. General Painting Discussion
    Hi Sprayers and Painters, What do you think about Graco new hvlp 9.5,? Let me know about it Kind regards
  11. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I have several of the Graco paint sprayer tips, racs, what have you, I got from an old supervisor at a factory painting job in lieu (sic) of a raise some years back and am having trouble scouring the internet to identify. its been years since i worked for the company and the supervisor has moved...
1-11 of 11 Results