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  1. Interior Wood Finishing
    I am staining 23 window casements and trim in a house that just got news windows. It has existing trim throughout the house around doors and base. The homeowner wasn't certain on what was used on the trim...but had a quart of Sher-Wood BAC wiping stain. I have a scrap piece of existing trim...
  2. Pressure Washing
    Hello all! I have been contracted to do a 5700 sq foot commerical ag building. It is completely finished inside. I will be putting repose gray on the walls and they are wanting Dark Walnut on the baseboards, door jams and doors. There are 28 doors so I was wanting to just set them up in a zig...
  3. Surface Preparation and Application
    Have a potential client who used an old semi trans stain on a seaside home. Now 1/2 the house has a good layer of what feels like chalk on it. Wiping with my hand while hosing it gets most of it off but wanted to hear thoughts on best practice to remove all of it (pressure washer, pressure...
1-3 of 3 Results