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  1. General Painting Discussion
    Hi, we just had stair tread bare “oak” installed. I plan to use Vermont natural floor varnish and they indicated 3 coats and nothing else, is that the norm? Also for a mid section because it is grouped with floors I will have to paint/stain the wood 1st before applying varnish. Can I just paint...
  2. General Painting Discussion
    Hello, Having a tough time bidding out a staircase paint job. The customer would like all railings, balisters, spindles, risers, and treads painted white. In your experience, how would you proceed? I have attached pictures below. Thanks for your help
  3. Wallcoverings
    ...going to be starting a 4 story Hampton Inn elevators yet...who would be willing to share some non-backbreaking ideas on getting things upstairs...5ers...the machine...etc...I'm thinking maybe using the two 27"×8' pieces of 3/4 i use for a table as a ramp and maybe pull things up...
  4. Workplace Safety
    I have to take down some wallpaper over stairs. It is a deep stairwell with tall walls. Somebody told me that he used those adjustable legged baker's scaffolding, but I have never used bakers scaffolding for anything. I didn't even know you could adjust them like that. Has anybody seen that...
  5. Commercial and Industrial Painting
    Hey guys, I'm bidding an apartment complex that has steel stairs and concrete steps. The steel is rusting, badly on some sides. I want to give them a good better best price structure so they can decide how much money to spend. I was thinking of good enough: light prep on rust, power wash, DTM...
1-5 of 5 Results