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  1. Surface Preparation and Application
    I just primed my oak cabinets with Insl-x STIX waterborne Bonding Primer. Massive tannin bleed occurred. I have some Zinsser SealCoat wax free sanding sealer that I am thinking of using as a tannin blocker. I plan on using BM Advance waterborne Interior Alkyd for paint. Primmer and paint are...
  2. General Painting Discussion
    I have been reading some posts on this forum about XIM products, and they seem to be gaining in popularity. I am thinking of using them for the first time on an exterior project I have coming up, and would appreciate anyone's input or thoughts about their products. The project includes a few...
  3. Surface Preparation and Application
    My name is Corey and I make country pine furniture. I am new to the forum but have been reading this for years. I have been using zinser sanding sealer to block tannin but with the recent tsunami in Japan the price has increased and I would like to get away from ethanol anyway. My shop is...
1-3 of 3 Results