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  1. How to replicate this Pool Deck Flooring texture

    Specialty Coatings
    Okay.... it looks like a skip trowel but I have no clue how they make it with the underside (parts that look like like rough texture under the flatter peaks). Product used is for resurfacing/patching, etc is H&C Dura-Top. Here's what I'm attempting to replicate:
  2. Need help creating pool knockdown texture

    Specialty Coatings
    So I am resurfacing half a pool deck because, well it was HORRIBLE looking with cracks, etc. I'm used to interior drywall knockdown but decided to attempt this on the pool deck as well... I used my hopper with the largest tip, put in some micro-topping and shot it over the resurfaced deck...
  3. Removing sandy paint

    Surface Preparation and Application
    What's the best way to remove or at least reduce a previously sandy-textured paint finish, to have the walls smoother, without replacing with wall board? Thanks in advance!
  4. popcorn to sandfinish

    General Painting Discussion
    Kitchen ceiling popcorn was removed by homeowner. They did a pretty good job. Now they would like a lighter texture. A sand finish to lets say med popcorn texture. I cannot shoot it and will mix my own then cut and roll. I did have to skim the ceiling out twice afraid of previous imperfections...