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  1. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    I am looking to buy a new Titan Advantage 400 or Impact 440 Sprayer from my dealer. I will be spraying residential exteriors and some garages, doors and interiors on average about 3 times a month. It is unlikely I will ever wear these pumps out as my use is low and I am pretty meticulous about...
  2. Tools, Supplies and Equipment
    hey folks. i have a 5 year old Titan 440 sprayer that just runs now, and doesnt build up pressure. i tired joggling the bearing valve under the intake hose in case it was stuck but that didnt help. a friend said it needed new packings. it looks like item #639-916 from Home Depot is a kit for...
  3. Surface Preparation and Application
    Does anyone have any experience using Paint Sprayers with Semi-Gloss? I have been told that it is not good for the sprayer, but I do not believe this too be true. Any advice would be appreciated as I need to quickly paint kitchens and baths with Semi-Gloss.
1-3 of 3 Results