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  1. General Painting Discussion
    I know that some of the members of PaintTalk are trainers and assessors for painting and decorating. This tool may help, it is called VET Buddy. You will need to open it from an iPad to work, Sorry it was designed for use on an iPad only. If you are in America, Canada or England and you...
  2. General Painting Discussion
    I have a concept I am trying at the moment called Edu-Bytes. I am going to create small illustrations that can be used in presentations or education for free. As some of you know I have developed movie's but these are often too long, limited in application, and time consuming to develop. The...
  3. General Painting Discussion
    I was interested in a thread that Researchhound started on mould and mildew. I found it interesting to see how serious this is dealt with in the USA. Here in the Pacific it is unreasonable to expect a specialised company deal with this hazard, but it is an important issue and a relevant one...
  4. Green Painting Practices
    Hi Guys, We are the sustainability initiative for the Australian painting industry. Check out our program The program was developed by professional painting trainers. Australia has a highly regulated and trained painting industry. To be a trainer you must be an...
  5. Lead Paint Discussion
    We are accredited to offer the EPA RRP Lead Safe Training course. We service the Philadelphia, PA area, in case any painters on the forum from that area have not received their certification.
  6. General Painting Discussion
    I have just developed this video on efflorescence. I know it covers the information very basic, in time I will develop a more comprehensive video. My target audience to be honest was apprentices as many are not aware of what efflorescence is though they have probably seen it. The thing I...
1-6 of 6 Results