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  1. Photos of Project and Equipment
    Here is a residential repaint we did for a lovely couple moving from the big city of Brooklyn NY to the sleepy suburb of Englishtown NJ . The house was 50 years old and in need of extensive spackle work to get the walls back to shape ! We also did some wallpaper removal as well as having to...
  2. Photos of Project and Equipment
    I did a job recently where we painted a combination office and warehouse space in a local professional park here in Nj . It had to be done ASAP so the new tenant could get his business up and running . Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure :)
  3. Photos of Project and Equipment
    Here is a very detailed job I recently did in the Marlboro / Morganville NJ area . Lots of boxwork and trim as well as a few bold colors . I used Benjamin Moore Regal flat for the walls and the Super Spec flat for the ceilings . I did the shrine area the same color as the interior of the boxes (...
  4. Photos of Project and Equipment
    Here's a small deck I did in the neighboring town of Matawan New Jersey . I stained this deck a baby blue color about 7 years ago . The customers decided it was time for a color change and went to a gray that matches the house . I used Benjamin Moore Arborcoat solid latex stain on this job after...
  5. Photos of Project and Equipment
    Working for Otis's Mom & Dad for the third time ! He just loves when I come to paint :yes: I'm a sucker for kids , dogs & women ... Maybe not in that order :yes: So you can understand how it's hard to get as much work done in a day as I'd like when Otis wants to play !
  6. Photos of Project and Equipment
    I just completed this exterior job here in my home town of Old Bridge NJ . It's not a very big house but it is about 50 years old which presented lots of refinishing issues with the cedar shakes . The house was a light powder blue originally . I used Benjamin Moore exterior flat for the body and...
  7. Photos of Project and Equipment
    Here is a dining room I did in my home town . Lots of detail and color along with some box work :)
  8. Technology (websites, computers, etc..)
    Merchant Circle is a business to business networking site . Any of you fine artisans out there joined up over there ? It seems like it could have some good marketing and contact possibilities . Merchant Circle
  9. Photos of Project and Equipment
    It seems I've been doing a lot of jobs with deep base impact type colors . So I figured I'd show some of them . Feel free to post pics of your " impact " color jobs too :)
  10. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I think a companies business card makes a big impression on customers ! I recently had my card made over by a graphic artist to coordinate with my website and other advertising materials . Take a look and tell me what you think . I'd love to see some of the business cards from other PT members...
  11. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Direct Mail Advertising ... I recently had a new direct mail ad campaign made up for me by a graphic artist . I'm going to use fliers and door hangers to reach my local customers . Which methods of direct mail do you guys find most productive ? Below are some of the adds I had made up . Love to...
  12. Technology (websites, computers, etc..)
    I just started a website for my painting business here in central New Jersey as direct mail as well as other advertising venues have pretty well dried up with the economy . Anyway , I'd love to have you guys take a look at my site and give me opinions both good or bad on how I can improve it...
  13. Photos of Project and Equipment
    Hey everyone , Here is an interior job I did in my home town of Old Bridge New Jersey . This customer has a liking for bold impact colors ! But I enjoy being creative and bringing a customers vision to life . Enjoy the pics ! Feel free to comment :)
1-13 of 13 Results