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1 coat ceiling paint

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i have a bad back, hate painting ceilings..i know it can be done, my former boss used a paint from benjamin moore that would cover..i just dont remember what it was and cant get in touch with a newbie painter and cant find a paint that covers in one coat.. please help..i use benjamin moore.
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I go to the chiropractor frequently for my back. Ceilings are killer on the shoulders. Perhaps you should avoid them. We have a guy here named Stansoph who only does trim. I bet he could give you some marketing ideas on avoiding ceilings.

Do you mean Super Spec? Super Spec in White 01 is my go to...
The best way I have found to get ceiling paint to cover in one coat, and this would work with lots of different products, is to get someone else to go through a few hours before me and put a coat up.
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Aura on ceilings wow, thats expensive paint for ceilings.
And in ordinary (non-deep base) colors, it doesnt cover any better than regal. This is the real mystery of Aura...
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