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24" or 27" frames and rollers

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I'm sure they dont exist. Anyone ever seen em? Also I have some big block filling jobs coming up and wondered if anyone has ever tried a 45 thousandths or bigger tip for block filler?
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I dont kid... I'm hoping for 800-1000 gallons of blockfiller in 12 hours with 2 guys
If you are trying to have one guy backroll for two sprayers, it might be worth considering having a second guy backrolling, also with an 18". That way there you would get 36" and also be within generally accepted painting practices.
Well We shall see... I actually think he will give it up after 400 gallons... about lunch time
I hope so.
I have a 48" concrete float that I am attaching bristles to today. Slow process.
What a stupid thread.
I'm not sure if this thread was started with a serious thought, and I hope it ends soon too.

An 18" is as big as anyone should really ever need. There are lots of cases where its actually too big and "skips" spots in ceilings and walls that arent perfectly flat.
I am so stunned I don't know what to say - is that 2 18" stuck together?!?!? You are absolutely insane - but then again you are doing commercial work.
well I guess we could say that Chipsters kiddie pool would make a great roller tray for that contraption...
Rollers are so 5 minutes ago. We did a pressure washer mod that now allows us to spray 8.25 gallons per minute. That's right, minute. Done. We don't even have to take it off the truck. Heated hose in the winter, cooled in summer.
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Brilliant I say, brilliant! :thumbup:

And you didn't even drag this "secret" out over 100 posts? :rolleyes:
Most people will skim right past it.
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