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I grew up painting with my father, who, back in the day, made and mixed his own paint and used genuine badger tail brushes before they were "banned" because badgers were considered an endangered species. I remember vividly when he would drop a dollop of paint on a flat piece of wood, and one could see the paint spread itself. (Today's paints, never.) Growing up in my childhood home, all walls and ceilings were brushed—never rolled, not even back brushed—because there were no paint rollers in the 19th century and orange peel was forbidden.

As a painter and homeowner, I've been on a decades-long quest to have the highest gloss possible on shutters and paint that won't chalk after a few years in the sun.

I have tried nearly everything, including doing test samples and leaving them out in the elements for a year. Paints tested: FPE Hollandlac, FPE Eco, marine paint (Blue Water Megagloss), topside paint, Epifanes, BM Grand Entrance (alkyd), California's Larcoloid (discontinued alkyd), automotive paint, DTM, polyurethane enamels, acrylic enamels, commercial/industrial paints (SW/BM), and more and far too many to list.

Alkyds chalk (Hollandlac is superb, there's nothing else close...specular rating 98...but two years later, not), and everything else simply doesn't have the specular gloss of alkyds.

I've never tried top coats/lacquers/automotive clear coats (hesitant because they're not flexible and wood swells and shrinks).

Love Hollandlac but am not keen on pulling shutters off every few years and repainting...and keeping them off for 7+ days for it to somewhat cure and is "safe" to be handled. Hollandlac shutter pic attached (found on the internet). Yes, I recognize I'll never get that gloss with anything else, but there must be something out there close that won't chalk and is UV resistant. I brush and also am experienced with spraying/HVLP.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
2K urethane paints, don't know what is available in your area. Melesi, Renner, sica. Centurion coming out with a solvent 2K exterior soon
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