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8 hrs to paint this house Int. & Ext.

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This 3200 sqft house was built in 24 hrs, I had a total of 22 guys on this deal. We had to be there at 2 am to start painting the fascia, we had the shell painted in 45. min. The doors, jambs and base board prepped in 30 min. primed and enameled in 1 hr. We were walking out with the int. and ext. completely painted by noon. This was a fund raiser for the Barbra Sinatra children's foundation. All the trade donated there time and material, well the suppliers donated the material.They sold the house and gave the profit to the foundation. It was a total of $200,000.00.

This was the best bunch of guys I have worked with.
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Am sure you do enough to cya, but all of that can be overcomem by forgery. ( unless you submit info to the federal checking thing they have)

Really well said:no:
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