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A new one for me!

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I had a new customer call the other day. He had a couple of small handyman jobs for me and also wanted a quote to remove wallpaper and paint a few rooms. I stopped by, did my measuring, and set up a time for a few days later to do the small jobs.

I come back, do the small jobs, get paid, and hand them the painting quote. The guy opens up the envelope, looks at the $4200 price, signs it, and asks when I can start! No explaining, no questions, just do it!:thumbup:

Just had to share! Have a great day!
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Sorry to burst your bubble, but when the customer is enthusiastic about your price, it means you are way, way low. Statistics show that when they accept immediately, you are at least 30% lower than what they would have been willing to pay.
Good point, I hadn't considered that. Maybe I should jack up my rates :)
I have my production rates figured out and I'm confident that it will work out fine.

Of course, I haven't told you guys how many bids I've sent out this year where I literally can't get the people to speak to me again because they perceive it as being too high.....
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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