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Adding a Field Supervisor

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Hi folks,
As some of you may recall I closed up shop awhile back. But I went to work for a local company. Looks like I got in at the right time. I was talking to the owner and he is at the stage, he needs to expand. He told me he needed an estimator or field supervisor. I offered to be a field supervisor and let him estimate. Just wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on what you'd want a field supervisor to do. I have a good idea, I was a field supervisor back in the 80's. But things have changed, guess I'm just looking for feedback and this is the only place I can think of getting it and get a straight answer.

PS. Anyone trying out the interior estimating program I posted awhile back?
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Make sure that everything is done right, fast, and on time will be your job. Running to the store and walking the house with the HO hand and hand. You would run everyday productions.
I would imagine that a field supervisor would need the following skills

1. Be well organized and have the ability to create and manage realistic schedules.

2. Have complete knowledge of paint systems. Network with vendors to keep up with latest tech.

3. Recognize crew members strength, weaknesses, and dispositions. Assign tasks accordingly.

4. Be flexible but not weak.

5. Work close with lead painters.

6. Reward when deserved.

etc....Good Luck
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Booger stop usin them big collage words I aint gotta clue what that meant. yea man youd be keepin the whole show runnin in all aspects, bettin it aint all cream man. congrats on your blessin.
Many pardons, Crow.

Alls I'm sayin' is ... ya gotta have the right kinda thinkin' to be a super.

When ya'll close the barn door so yer horses don't run out ... yer bein' "PROACTIVE".

If yer a dang fool, and leave them barn doors open all the time, yer gonna be chasin' them horses around all the time.

That's bein' REACTIVE.

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