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I hope that the news of our economy has not been getting you down too much. As to my self, I can definitely feel that things are more competitive.
The number of calls from our advertising is down. So are our sales ratios from it. Thank God for repeat customers (calls are up nearly 25% for the first six months of 2008) and referred clients (our sales ratios just about doubled).
Of course getting past clients to call or obtaining referrals is a bit more involved, but here are a few things that are working for us:
Firstly, and I know it may sound like a cliche, we try to do the best paint job with the best customer service that we can. Secondly, we keep a list of our past clients and periodically remind them that we are still around.
As far as referrals go, I very much believe in the concept of “Give and You Shall Receive”. I try to give out as many referrals as I can.
I am often asked for referrals to other tradesmen, but I make it a point to seek out opportunities to refer. A client may mention, in passing, that they are considering a new roof, windows, etc. I use it as an opening to ask them if they need a referral to a good roofer or a window shop.
Good economy or bad economy, in my desk I keep a log of all referrals that I give out. I also keep track of referrals that we receive.
So, these are some things that have been working well for us. I am always looking for ideas. What has been working for you?
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