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Advice interior repaint .

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How’s it going ? Alright so I’ve been painting for a while now and as crazy as this is going to sound I’ve never once had to do an entire house repaint . Been blessed enough to stay busy doing small remodels. I more or less know the process . But this job is big . Well for me (1 guy ) . High ceilings , 4,000 sqft home , repainting all the doors , crown , base, walls , ceilings , and a few accent walls . I will say the trim is in the best shape I’ve ever seen wood work in . It really don’t even need painting it’s so nice still . My question is how would ( you ) a solo painter . No helpers , attack the job .ALSO Customer wants walls and ceilings the same color white , so would you just use the same sheen on walls and ceilings or would you still do flat on the ceilings and eggshell / satin walls ….. all advice would be greatly Appreciated. Yes I have an airless as well and very good with it .
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You need a partner or a good quality helper if you want to do jobs of that size on a regular basis. It really is not a one man job. I hope you have patient clients. I've done a lot of huge places solo BUT the client was made to clearly understand that a one man show is slower than a crew of experienced painters. Also many were repeaters and knew what to expect. I'd use ceiling paints on ceilings being the easiest to make ceilings look good! For walls I'd use a velvet or matte or the very least of my choices, eggshell. Bathroom paint for baths and at least eggshell for kitchens.
Get the kitchens and bathrooms out of the way first. Then go room by room, ideally ending with the room closest to the exit to your truck Always work from the top down leaving a trail of clean behind.
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