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Air Assisted Setup - Am I missing anything?

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I am about to start spraying some Renner 851 in a couple weeks for a cabinet job and I want to make sure I have everything I need for my AAA setup (something I'm new to). If anyone can help identify weak spots, or things I need to buy, or double check, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here's what I have so far:
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I would also look into something with a hopper setup. If you can wait a bit tritech is coming with a smaller unit T3 to compete with the 395 or get a t4-t5 with hopper.
I actually do have a hopper for the 395. Forgot to include that in the original post: Hopper for Small Electric & FinishPro AA Airless
looks good to me. I would also maybe pickup a 100 mesh manifold filter. Another tip I got from a prominent fine finish painter is to tape two cone filters to the inside of the hopper. This way you can pour by your self and have always prefiltered material.
Well that is super clever! Thanks!
I would use a 308, but I'm all airless. Thats a pretty awesome looking setup. What did you pay for that hopper btw?
Hopper was part of a "Fine Finishing" Package from graco. Comes with hose, whip, hopper, tip, and filters. Paid 280 at Graco 19B968 Airless Finishing Kit

Renner suggests 9 or 11 tip for the 851, so maybe I'll get a 309.

Got the 395 for 400 (with 3 extra Graco pumps). Got the bobcat for 300 on Ebay. Feel like Im making out like a king here lol
Get the warranty on your compressor as it is way to small for AAA spraying. I run a 10gal tank for my setup and it barely keeps up. AAA uses a lot of air, so the tank is always going to be running just to keep up. Also your tip sizes in width wont matter so much as the gun can adjust for tip shape. I run 310 and 308, that seems to be the best for me.
Would something like this be more appropriate? Stealth Professional 20 Gal. 150 PSI 2 Portable Vertical Electric Air Compressor SAQ-12018 - The Home Depot
the mac5200 provides better cfm, honestly your probably ok with that just using it for AAA for some cabinets just keep an eye on the pressure in tank
Got it, thank you.
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