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I am looking for an airless sprayer for light use, i have my own house to paint along with my sons house and a rental. Beyond that it will not get a ton of use. Trying to keep it Graco for parts availability and service in my area. The home depot units are not that appealing as i think i will start to max out its life span with the three houses. It will get used to do interior painting on the rental every two to three years depending on turn over.
I have been thinking about a 390 or 395 new to take advantage of the warranty but a local dealer said the have a 2016 used 495 PC high boy for sale at $500. This sprayer was owned by a general contractor/ Handy man and is covered in overspray. Is it worth the savings to go with the used unit and have no warranty or spend the extra $400-$600 and go new?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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