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I recently interviewed Ken. You can read the interview by Link deleted

Brian Phillips

NOTE for Edit: With all due respect to Brian - and Ken - when this post was first made, the link and the article were free for viewing for all. Brian has alterred his site, and the article is now viewed by paid membership only. Therefore it constitutes and ad, which is not allowed on PT. Thank you all for your understanding and support of Paint Talk


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That information should be required reading for anyone who signs up for

If a person is new, the answers to alot of questions are clearly explained.

If a person has been doing it for years, the answers help in the constant re-evaluation of what exactly it is that we are doing, and defining new directions.

Thanks for sharing that, Brian.

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This thread was originally posted over a year ago. At that time, you could click the link, and read the article. Since then, things have changed on Brians end. Maybe he shuffled some stuff around on his website, who knows. But the article is now in an area that requires a paid membership to view. Seeing as its not viewable unless you pay, it is construed as an "ad" so I took the sticky off it. Make sense?

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Technically, if it's an ad, it should be removed completely. Yes? No?

I'll let you decide and take the heat for EITHER decision :whistling2:

(damn, payback is gonna a bitch
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